Young Singer Captures the Hearts with Wonderful Rendition of ‘You Raise Me Up’.

5 albums quickly spread around the world and became platinum. But the sixth album of the singer got on the line Billboard 200. Such success and recognition go to the units, really talented people. In addition to his solo career and performances, Josh actively writes soundtracks, which are subsequently used in famous films.

Also, the artist is one of the founders of the foundation, which helps young and talented people to develop with the help of art. In addition to the vocal sphere, he actively participates in the filming of films, television shows. It can be seen that people are completely engaged in creativity, art, and vocals. All his videos are typed on several million views. ‘You raise me up’ is no exception.

Only on video hosting YouTube video has gained more than 56 million views. Have you seen or heard this beautiful song and video? Then listen to at least cover this song in the performance of Jeffrey. It should be noted that little Jeffrey Lee was able to present this song in awe. You can watch his performance endlessly. It is in his performance that this composition causes goose bumps. Jeffrey Li has amazing vocals.

The song in his performance I want to listen with great pleasure. If in the future, Jeffrey will develop his talent, he will become a great artist. The song in his performance was to the liking of all members of the jury, and the auditorium presented the boy with a sea of applause. You can watch his amazing performance in the video below.